The Internal Audit Department reports hierarchically to ARSAT’s Presidency.
  • It is responsible for the permanent evaluation of the company’s internal control systems, for which it:
  • It reviews and evaluates the acts and application of operational, accounting, legality and financial controls using the integral and integrated approach to make sure the continuous optimization of the levels of efficiency, effectiveness and economy of management.
  • Produces audit reports on the activities carried out and, where right, formulates the corresponding recommendations or observations.
  • Follow up on the observations and recommendations made on time in each audit report.
  • Prepares the Annual Audit Plan, obtaining the approval of Senior Management and the SIGEN.

ARSAT is a telecommunications company of the National State, whose share capital belongs entirely to the State, its activities and operation are subject to several legal obligations about control and auditing systems, under the orbit of control agencies such as the National General Office and the National General Auditing Office. (SIGEN)

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