CSR Policy

Carbon footprint reduction – efficient community transportation:

The use of community transportation allows us to cut down on fuel consumption, emit a lower amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and reduce the impact on the environment. This is equal to eliminating 238 vehicles in transit, generating greater efficiency in the use of natural and economic resources.

Waste separation:

Through our waste separation and reuse policy, we reduce the company’s environmental impact while working with organizations in our community. Thus, we divide all paper recycling to the Garrahan Hospital; we work together with the “Creando Conciencia” cooperative for the recycling of plastic containers, and we reuse the organic waste we generate in our compost bin on our premises.

Green spaces:

We plant native species from the Benavidez area of influence throughout our property, promoting biodiversity in the ecosystem. We developed an ecological vegetable garden, with aromatic plants and different vegetables that contribute to seasoning the different dishes consumed in the company’s dining room.

Cajones y macetas con plantas, previo a ser colocadas en un cantero. Al fondo se ven las antenas parabólicas en la Estación Terrena de Benavídez.

Labour inclusion:

We collaborate with labour inclusion by contacting, through the databases of national agencies, people with a profile that meets the company’s needs. In addition, we provide continuous training in Argentine Sign Language and our building infrastructure is certified by ALPI as 100% accessible.

Inclusion of Vulnerable Groups:

We participated in connectivity, educational, economic and social development projects with more than 4500 women from native indigenous communities in Chaco, Formosa, Salta and Jujuy. We also ease Secondary Education for Adults and promote training for the formation of trades.

De espaldas, un hombre de la Fundación del Hospital Garraham traslada una bolsa con reciclajes, al fondo se ve un panel con logos de Arsat.

Technical Training with international certifications:

We consider that the staff training process is essential to give us the human potential in line with our mission. The constant technical updating with international certifications of our professionals allows us to keep up a high level of services provided.