Gender Program

ARSAT's Gender Program was created to build equity through knowledge and development. We promote the presence of women in technological careers to strengthen the company's resources and generate a space for meeting and exchange on the future of telecommunications.

Axes of the Program:

GET TO KNOW US, be your voice.
We shared an exchange space for ARSAT women.

  • We held the first virtual mateada with participants from ARSAT, the Gender Commission carried out by the FOETRA union and the special participation of Estela Díaz, Minister of Women, Gender and Sexual Diversity Policies of the province of Buenos Aires and Claudia Lazzaro, Director of Policies for Labor Equity, Job Training and Care Policies.

Let’s ACT, changing reality.
We promote activities to make visible and transform reality by adding value with creativity and proposals for all women in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) community.

  • We awarded the first scholarships for a postgraduate course: “Objectives and challenges for ICT professionals”.

Let’s INSPIRE, making new referents visible.
We encourage visions and experiences of women related to the area to arouse the interests of future generations in technology.

  • We participated in the Strong Her event, organized by Nokia Argentina.
  • We were part of the second edition of the “OEA Cyberwomen Challenge”.