Operational Structure

Organizational chart 2021:

General Manager: Pablo Tognetti

Deputy General Manager: Facundo Leal

Internal Audit Unit: Pablo Pericas


General Secretary: Santiago Trezza

Institutional Relations Manager: Carlos Kelm

Administration and Finance Manager: Nicolás Canet

Information Technology Manager: Gustavo Rossi

Terrestrial Operations Manager: Marcelo Tesoro

Space Services Manager: Martín Fabris

Commercial Manager: Eduardo Núñez

Legal Affairs Manager: Maximiliano Von Kesselstatt

Purchasing Assistant Manager: Gerardo Boschin

Administration Assistant Manager: Juan Navarro

Deputy Finance Manager: Martín Cacciatore

Deputy Manager of Cybersecurity and IT: Pablo Rivero

Deputy Manager Systems: Fabio Friedlaender

Data Center Deputy Manager: Leandro Tino

NOC Refefo Assistant Manager: Juan Joher

Assistant Manager Maintenance: Alberto Zerillo

Engineering Assistant Manager: José Duarte

Satellite Operations Deputy Manager: Juan Aurelio

Ground Stations Assistant Manager: Pablo Pérez

Satellite Services and TDA Deputy Manager: Federico Silva

Satellite Systems Deputy Manager: Hugo Nahuys

Deputy Manager of Projects: Sylvain Breul

Sales Engineering Deputy Manager: Eduardo Núñez

Terrestrial Services Deputy Manager

Public Affairs Assistant Manager: Gerardo Demarco

Human Resources and CSR Assistant Manager: Agostina Covini

Corporate Services and Logistics Assistant Manager: Pablo Pagani