National data center

Our Datacenter is one of the most reliable and secure in Latin America, with TIER III certifications from the Uptime Institute for its design and construction. We offer Cloud Services, Colocation, and Cybersecurity through state-of-the-art systems as well as qualified professionals for their management and protection.

Our National Data Center is located in the Benavidez Ground Station, province of Buenos Aires.
Our main clients include the National Public Administration, municipalities throughout the country, decentralized entities and private companies.

Developed on a total of 4500 m2, the National Data Center has four rooms of 365 m2 and a maximum-security room of 150 m2, which allows scalability and modularity. Thanks to its autonomous power system, it provides continuity of operations during a wide range of emergencies or events.

National data center

It has multiple privileges layers to access data and rooms, plus a closed-circuit TV surveillance system and permanent on-site security. We perform meticulous controls of physical access processes, certified by external auditors.

Monitoring and security are critical points in our products. We have a 24x7x365 Network Operations Center (NOC) as well as a Security Operations Center (SOC), both dedicated to visualize and respond to IT and security events to meet our customer requirements.

The transparency and reliability of the processes implemented and the services we provide are based on permanent audits by external organizations to which we submit ourselves.

We also provide digital broadcasting services to public and private channels with authorization and license. The service consists on the reception of the client’s signal and the retransmission in ISDB-T digital terrestrial format for the locality where it has its coverage area.