Mission and vision

This project was born to provide concrete tools to the entire cinema value chain. Due to the new consumption habits and the need of the here and now ("on-demand"), ODEON (today CINE.AR PLAY) was born, where INCAA takes care of everything related to content, curatorship, design and promotion of the platform and we take care of maintenance, hosting, storage, streaming, integral development of the platform, metrics/audience system, user loyalty and applications in general.

What was sought with the creation of the platform?

  • Establish a new digital exhibition window for the première and availability of national audiovisual content to the population.
  • To make national cinematography available to the population in new technological formats.
  • To offer an alternative for the diffusion of audiovisual content both nationally and internationally.
  • Generate a new commercial circuit that contributes and promotes the sector.
  • Generate a new scenario for the exhibition of national audiovisual content that meets the challenge of technological convergence.

The end-user, with a simple registration, has free access to a large amount of content without leaving home, through a personalized, multi-screen solution, just a few clicks away. CINE.AR PLAY can be found through the following URL https://play.cine.ar/