Open digital television (TDA)

We provide terrestrial and satellite transmission services. The terrestrial platform is compound by 101 Digital Terrestrial Transmission Stations, which reach approximately 84% of the inhabitants of our country, and our ARSAT-1 satellite, Digital TV covers 100% of the region.

Open Digital Television covers the whole country through two different transmission systems: terrestrial and satellite.

Digital Terrestrial Television in Argentina is a public policy promoted by the national government after the adoption of the ISDB-T technical standard, of Japanese origin. It was implemented through the version of the ISDB-Tb or ISDB-T International standard modified by Brazil.

Open digital television (TDA)

Decree No. 1148 dated August 31, 2009, of the National Executive Power, creates the “Argentine Digital Terrestrial Television System” (SATVD-T), through Decree No. 364/2010 “of Public Interest”. By Resolution N°222/2009 of the Secretariat of Communications, we were granted with the “Single License for Telecommunications Services” and by Decree N°835/2011 the authorization to “provide the services of infrastructure use, multiplexing and transmission for Digital Terrestrial Television” throughout the territory of the Argentine Republic.

  • 101 Digital Transmission Stations
  • 17 TV signals transmitted via satellite constitute the national digital tv grid
  • 100% satellite coverage with ARSAT -1
  • 84% of the inhabitants reached terrestrial coverage.